Thursday, March 31, 2005

Erin "Depoted Home"

Well, Erin's ego finally did her in. The latest episode had the teams creating a product that they could demonstrate at Home Depot in a "do it yourself" class. Angie was the Project Leader for Net Worth and Craig for Magma. Craig had an idea for creating a box that you could personalize and his team really thought he was crazy. They offered almost no emotional support and little help in building the prototype for the demonstration. They mostly laughed or commiserated about what the results would be. Once Tana caught a little of the vision in how to make it something that could involve kids, things caught on fire and the class proved to be a wonderful hit.

Angie, on the other hand, opted to go with a suggestion for a kitchen cart. The problem was constructing it was so difficult for the team itself that they couldn't make it look easy. The team supported Angie for the most part, except for Erin. Erin placed herself above it letting everyone know from the beginning that she wouldn't set foot in a Home Depot, because it isn't a place for beauty queens and cheerleaders like her. She made no effort to learn and it rubbed on the rest of the small team--Stephanie, Chris and Angie. So when the class bombed because Chris couldn't even build the cart let alone encourage others to build it, the blame game began.

Here's where things got hot. Erin wasn't about to let anyone try to blame her and get her fired. She sharpened her advocacy skills to attack Chris and Angie relentlessly in front of Trump in the boardroom. Chris' anger erupted again, particularly when Erin brought up his tobacco chewing and immaturity. Sparks were flying. Chris' color is hard to determine because he seems docile but when the heat is turned up, he becomes a negative Red and attackes and screams andalmost foams at the mouth.

Erin brought that side out in the boardroom. Erin is red through and through. Most everyone was tired of her ego and prima donna attitude and her moment had come. What Erin did to defend herself was attack Chris--an easy target who already is on Trump's bad side because of his tobacco chewing and his eruptions. She almost had succeeded even though Chris really wasn't to be blamed for the defeat in the Home Depot challenge. One egotistical stupid comment and a wink to Trump in the presence of George and Carolyn did her in. Carolyn couldn't believe the blatent overture to urge Trump to disregard the advice of his two key assistants not to fire Angie. Once she did, her fate was doomed.

What to learn from this. Another lesson for Reds not to overplay their hands. They are deft at pouncing on weaknesses in others and in defending themselves most of the time. Their ego unfortunately misguides into believing they don't need to let up. Erin thought her supposed beauty could be the deciding factor instead of pointing out how weak Chris has been and will continue to be so Trump could see the value of essentially getting the obvious over with--Chris being fired. There's no way on earth Trump is going to let Chris govern one of his businesses and Erin could have played to that logic and won, but she pounced on Angie knowing it would divide Trump from George and Carolyn. The ego made her make unwise strategic decisions and so she suffered the ignominious fate of the lone cab ride out of the picture.

Focus on where the weakness is. Don't overplay your hand and don't make yourself such an obvious target to begin with by claiming that working on a project with any diligence is beneath you.


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